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I am a teacher of 13 years currently facilitating Biology and Anatomy with a section of Blended Learning Biology. I hope to instill the love of life science in my students and challenge them to think and be lifelong learners.

Knowledge is the key to success. Whether this knowledge is a skill, a theory, or an experience, it is gained strength. The more knowledge gained, the stronger the individual. Learning must be a lifelong process. To be successful one must be a lifelong learner and strive for self-improvement. This constant yearning, this drive, will catapult the learner to great heights. These heights, however, are different for every individual. Not that any individual is restricted in any way, but that every individual’s goals are different.

         Any person, no matter age, gender, or ability, can learn. They must be met where they are and be moved to great achievements. Expectations must be high for progress to be gained, and support must be maintained for expectations to be met.

Technology goes hand in hand with this knowledge. Learners must have experience with, and the courage to try, new programs and tools. To gain this courage, learners must be introduced to as many different tools as possible– from the use of probes in the science lab to recording and uploading video. The more experience, the greater the ability of the individual to be able to change and adapt as technology changes and adapts.”       -Sunny Richardson



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