What do I hope to learn from the Miami Device Mobil Learning Event?

Miami Device Mobile Learning Event

What do I hope to learn from the Miami Device Mobil learning event to improve the lives of students, teachers, school program and district’s EdTech direction?

I learned of the Miami Device Mobile Learning Event through a colleague I will be working directly with this upcoming school year as a Blended Learning Specialist. I am very excited to start my new adventure assisting as a digital curator and in the design of blended learning through all content areas. Her words were, “This looks like and amazing learning opportunity…” And, I agree. I already follow many of the presenters listed on the program and have gained much from their tweets as I use Twitter as a wonderful professional learning community. I have also read many of the synopsis of sessions and am very excited. Of course, the funds have to be available and what a great start to finding those funds by winning registration and 1 night hotel stay!

For those of you that find the term EdTech or Educational Technology new or foreign, it refers to the use of tools and devices to enhance and optimize learning experiences for teachers and students. While under a lot of debate, the use of technology in the classroom to prepare students for their future in secondary education and/or the work force is imperative.

What I would hope to gain from the Miami Device experience? I would hope to gain knowledge, tools, practice and networking opportunities with fellow educators. My goal is to be a resource for my team that never runs dry. I want to ease their workday and support them in learning design and curation so that the may focus on the needs of their students in instruction, building relationships and creating a positive learning environment. In addition, the blended learning program can lead the way and support fellow teachers on campus with EdTech as we will  have a new 1:1 iPad initiative on our campus this upcoming school year. We can help others navigate the new challenges and exciting new capabilities that will be afforded us by our school district. I am very fortunate to work in a district that promotes taking risks in learning design,  curriculum design, learning environment, and assessment. As individuals or groups learn and grow, so does our district.

For those of you who would like this same opportunity to win registration plus a 1 night hotel stay, please go to these links below:




Remember, change does not happen in the comfort zone! Take a risk!


2 thoughts on “What do I hope to learn from the Miami Device Mobil Learning Event?

  1. You will be awesome with your new adventure! Your attitude towards always learning something new, not becoming complacent and willingness to help others makes you perfect for what your about to do!

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