Possibilities with Technology i.e. Notability




            Today in class I noticed a student had the pictures from the case study in class, Man’s Best Friend from Buffalo Case Studies, on his iPad. I had hard copies on lab tables for their use. I asked if he took pictures of the pictures because that was really unnecessary, but he said no. He had downloaded the case study to his iPad and then opened it in the App, Notability. Notability is a note-taking app that will annotate documents, record lectures, sketch illustrations, etc. We use it in class daily for note-taking and digital note-booking in my science class. The student had then used the pictures to complete the comparative analysis of wild and domestic canine skulls in class. He measured and took data within the iPad. “Cool!”, I told him. He was excited of the feet that he accomplished I could tell. I then passed by again and he was trying to “cut” the molar out of the skull via the tool in Notability, but could not as you cannot cut from imported pictures. He wanted to move the molar to the ruler for easier measuring. I suggested for him to trace the molar and then cut his trace out and move it to the ruler. That is the screen shot above! I had him send the picture to me to use as an example.

I am amazed daily at my students! I love that they are not scared to take risks. I had not thought of this way to complete this activity! Whoa! Don’t think I won’t do it like this next time! 🙂

I hope to model taking risks in learning daily for my students and will definitely share what this student showed me!

Encourage, Encourage, Encourage!